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Sustainable Closet Detox Chart

With a new season approaching very soon, it's a perfect time for you to detox your wardrobe. I've created a simple and effective sustainable detox chart that asks simple questions about an item in order to determine whether you should keep it, donate it, remake or use it as a rag. Most closet detox's involve a trash pile, and you'll notice mine doesn't... here's why - This action of throwing out your clothing is actually very harmful to the environment because just like everything else you throw away, textiles decompose. When textiles decompose, they release a dangerous green house gas called methane which contributes to global warming. The chemicals and dyes used to make that textile also gets released into the soil below and can be very harmful to wildlife and also humans as it can contaminate groundwater. These are just two reasons why you shouldn't throw out your textiles. Instead, you could remake an old t-shirt into a bag, or use it as a cleaning rag (and in turn save on having to buy cleaning rags). With an old dress that has become to short, you could remake it into a skirt and use the leftover fabric to make a headscarf, or add it to your fabric pile for when you have more ideas. 


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