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3 Must Watch Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Videos

 Photo by  Thomas William  on  Unsplash

I've written 2 posts surrounding sustainable and ethical fashion but haven't properly gone into detail about why it is such an important issue to be supporting. Below I have linked 3 sustainable/ethical videos that I would highly recommend watching to see a few different sides to the fashion industry. 

1/   The True Cost  

This documentary is a very popular film that explores the effects of fast fashion on people and the environment. It delves into the hidden world of fast fashion in places such as Bangladesh, India and even America. This film is one of the best out there as it covers almost every issue that fast fashion has created and goes into depth about each issue through personal interviews, experiences and first hand evidence. It's a very eye opening film that is beautifully produced and constructed - one definatley worth watching and passing on to friends. *The link that I have used for this video is for netflix. If you do not have access to netflix, this video can be found elsewhere. Go to The True Cost website to find out more. 

2/   Patagonia on Sustainable Clothing

This is a short 10 minute video that features one of the most sustainable brands in the fashion industry - Patagonia. Patagonia have a very strong direction when it comes to their sustainable actions and this video demonstrates exactly that. Rather than listing another documentary, I thought It would be far more interesting and informative to link a video that talks about how businesses and consumers can create a more sustainable fashion industry. This video shines light on the sustainable fashion industry that exists, and provides solutions to a number of issues in the fast fashion industry (for both businesses and consumers). 

3/   Fashion Revolution -Who made my clothes?

The last video I chose to include is the shortest at only 2 minutes long, but another great one. Since you've learnt how the fast fashion industry works and it's effects (killing our environment and putting profit over people) in The True Cost, and seen how businesses and consumers can become more sustainable in the Patagonia video, I've chosen this last video to show you the simple effect that awareness has on peoples actions. The majority of people don't ever consider where their clothes have come from and who's made it. Therefore, many are unaware of the suffering that people and the environment have to endure to produce such cheap items. I hope this video encourages you to share this post with friends and family, so they can see where their clothing is really coming from, and how they can support the movement from fast fashion to sustainable fashion. 

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