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How to Transition to a Natural Skincare Routine

Is it time to transition to a green routine?

First of all, you need to understand how the bad chemicals in ordinary skincare products affect your body. Many think that what you put on your skin, will remain on the surface, but this isn't the case at all. Your skin is your largest organ, therefore, anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into it, and into your blood and so on.

There are many studies on how the chemicals found in ordinary skincare and beauty products can effect our health. Some of the main things that are mentioned are: disruption of kidney and liver, cancers, hormone imbalances, and many more. If you are considering making the transition, I highly recommend doing some research into this as it is very interesting and a great way to learn what your body is really absorbing. 

Below are a few tips and steps you can take with you when transitioning your skincare from toxic to clean! 

  1. Your skin eats what you put on it, so feed it natural ingredients that will nourish it from within. This includes what you actually eat, and also the skincare and beauty products you put on your skin. If you are eating a healthy and balanced diet, your skin, hair and nails will all show this, making for a much simpler skincare and beauty routine! 
  2. Accept that it may take time. Transitioning your skincare from toxic to clean won't happen overnight. It takes some research, time and also money. 
  3. Don't throw everything out at once - just buy as you run out of your current products. If you don't have the money to be buying brand new natural skincare products because you just stocked up on your usuals, don't stress. Use what you already have and use this time to do your own research into what you want to buy next, and to educate yourself about the good and bad ingredients! But if you really don't want to feed your skin with chemicals any longer, it is generally advised to make these swaps your first - Serums, moisturiser and face wash. 
  4. Simplify your skincare routine. You don't need 10 different skincare products in your everyday routine. All you really need is a face wash, a serum, a moisturiser and a toner. It's also a good idea to have a face scrub on hand to use once or twice a week. Another thing to note is you don't need different day and night products, they will all be achieving the same outcome; a clean, fresh face. This is not to say you shouldn't be buying eye serums, facials oils and what not, but you don't need these in your everyday routine - rather when your skin is tired, dry or lacking something. 
  5. Buy samples or travel sizes first. I highly recommend this step for people with sensitive skin. Because natural skincare is natural, they are generally more concentrated than your toxic products - being that they are are pure, and not diluted with fillers, chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. This just means you need to know what your skin reacts to and what it likes. By purchasing samples or travel sizes first, you are able to test them out for a week or so before you make the plunge and buy the full sized products. 
  6. Know your ingredients and how to read labels. You will learn which ingredients are the ones to watch out for with research, but here are the main ones to avoid - Parabens (used to preserve products), Fragrance (the word fragrance on an ingredients list is used to hide and mask the names of bad ingredients such as phthalates), Heavy metalsFormaldehyde (helps prevent bacteria from growing), SLS & SLES (these guys are not only common in skin products, but also household cleaning products... not a good sign), and the list goes on. I only listed 5 ingredients to look out for but there are so much more. The ones I listed above are known to be in the top ten ingredients to avoid but can also come in many names and can be hidden by words such as 'frangrance' or 'colour'. Another thing is to make sure there is an expiry date, otherwise chances are it's full of preservatives. 
  7. Some natural products may cost more, but you are in turn using much less of it as there are no sorts of 'fillers' or unnecessary ingredients. As I mentioned above, natural products are more concentrated which means you use much less of it. You'll find that in the long run, buying natural products is actually cheaper than buying toxic products. 

Something to note - by choosing a natural skincare routine, you are not only improving your health, but also the environment. Because natural products contain natural ingredients, there is no need for any chemical production along the way which is great for the environment. Many people don't consider where their products go once washed off their faces. The chemicals don't just disappear; if not fully absorbed into your skin, they will get washed down the sink and end up in the ocean, harming the sea life. Also, many natural ingredients need some form of protection, so brand are opting for dark amber glass bottles to hold their products rather than plastic which is a great way of reducing your plastic usage. 

If you're going to transition to natural skincare, you might want to consider products that contain organic ingredients in particular. This is because even if natural, those ingredients can still be grown using pesticides and chemicals, meaning your products may still contain traces of these which your skin will absorb if present.

I made my transition from toxic skincare to natural skincare with a brand called Edible Beauty. I did some research and fell in love with their whole philosophy which is "if it is not good enough to eat, we won't put it in our products". I think that is a perfect way to go about what you put on your skin as your body essentially absorbs it anyways.

Like I mentioned above, I highly recommend  starting with a sample size or travel pack to make sure its right for you - which is exactly what I did. I have been using Edible Beauty's Core Four travel kit for a few weeks and my skin has never been better. Within one use it cleared some dry skin I had, made my skin super dewy, hydrated and feel very smooth and fresh. Their core four set includes a cleanser, a toner mist, a serum and lastly a moisturiser, which creates a perfect everyday natural beauty routine. You can read up about their philosophy, products and reviews on their website here! What I love most about their products is that they smell amazing, feel amazing, are all natural; containing many organic ingredients, are affordable and are long lasting as you only have to use a small amounts!

 I would love to see what you buy and what you think so let me know if you do so.

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