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6 Eco Conscious Brands to Support

6 Eco Conscious Brands to Support

There are quite a few eco conscious brands out there - many of which aren't very stylish or don't sell a variety of things. I've put together a list of my 6 favourite eco conscious brands that are all stylish and all very different! 

1. The Reformation 

I talked about The Reformation briefly in my How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe post and mentioned they are my favourite sustainable brand! They have the most gorgeous designed clothes, which are all of amazing quality, fabric and patterns. They even sell vintage clothes, accessories, kids clothing and swimwear. You can find pretty much everything you're looking for on here, and they release new clothes very often which is why it's my go to website. The Reformation use sustainable methods and materials for creating all their garments. They even do simple (but genius) things like track the impact the garment you are purchasing has on the environment, and use vintage or dead stock materials when they aren't using eco friendly materials. Their website has some pretty useful information on sustainable fashion which alone, is worth checking out.

First Base is a sports lifestyle brand that sell mainly activewear, along with swimwear and underwear. The Bondi born brand pride themselves on being ethical and sustainable. They sell very stylish and unique activewear that's also very well priced! They will have everything you need for your next activewear haul - such as this sports bra or these shorts They also have sections on their website dedicated to their ethical and sustainable practices so if you would like to read up on that, head to their website

If you are looking to buy some new staple wardrobe pieces, Everlane is your best bet! They sell pretty much everything you will ever need in your wardrobe and cater to so many styles. They have amazing shoes and accessories and so many t-shirt styles - you're bound to find what you're looking for. They manufacture their products at ethical factories, from the finest materials, and price them all very reasonably. They are more ethical than eco conscious but I had to include them as they really do have amazing products! 

This brand has the most amazing photography and styling of their products (worth checking out!). They don't have much, but what they do sell is very unique and very beautiful. They craft there products from natural and raw materials and are both eco conscious and sustainable. If you love minimalistic things, you'll love everything about The Wylde. I would keep and eye out on this brand as i'm sure they will create some more amazing products! 

This brand is another minimalistic brand that have amazing photography and styling of their products. They are very well known for their shoes, and have very versatile products made from beautiful materials. Not only are they very conscious of their impact on the environment, they support a small factory of only 50 workers (ensuring quality in their products and creating a better relationship with their manufacturer) which is something more brands should be doing. If you haven't heard of them, I would highly recommend heading over to their website and having a browse through their products! 


Last but definitely not least is the gorgeous brand Yoli and Otis. They sell a lot of children's wear and items, along with some womens clothing and also cool items like table linen and wooden bowls! What I love most about this brand is that they use organic, plant based materials and also use herbal/plant dyes. They also do some great stories in their journal section that feature different people along with amazing photography! 

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