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DIY Shirred Top

This top is called a Shirred top, is probably one of the easiest and quickest DIY tops ever! Plus it looks very stylish and is quite on trend at the moment! I know it looks quite hard to make, but you'll soon see how easy it is! 

I've made a little collage of photos (that gave me some inspiration for this top), that will show you the different colours and styles you can make it in! 


  • Cotton fabric*
  • Thread to match fabric 
  • Elastic thread 
  • Tape measure 
  • Sewing machine 

*The amount of fabric you buy differs for every person which is why I didn't put down a specific measurement. To determine how much fabric you need, simply measure around your bust, and times that measurement by 1.5. Determine how long/short you want your top to be, and then use these two measurements when buying your fabric! I would recommend getting a little more than this just incase.


1. Firstly, if you got excess fabric, but your fabric to fit the measurement of your bust x1.5 and your preferred length! *I would make (with chalk) which side is the width and which is the length just so you don't mix these two up.

2. Take the top of your fabric (width) and fold it under about 1/2 cm, and them again another 1/2 cm and pin in place. This will be your top edge. 

3. Thread your machine with the matching colour thread (making sure the bobbin thread is the same colour too) and sew along this top seam with a straight stitch. It doesn't have to be perfect as once it's shirred, you won't notice any small mistakes! 

4. Now, take an empty bobbin and your elastic thread. Thread the elastic onto the bobbin as you normally would - but make sure you are stretching the elastic as it goes onto the bobbin as this will affect the shirring. Now thread your machine with this new elastic bobbin (and the thread you were using earlier). 

5. Set your needle so it's as far to the left as possible (there should be a preset setting for this), keeping it on a straight stitch. Flip your fabric to its right side, (so that the top seam is on the underside) and place your presser foot just below/inline with the bottom edge of your top seam. 

6. Start with a reverse stitch, and sew along straight, until you get to the end, reverse stitching again! Below is a little gif as an example!

7. Now all you have to do is repeat step 6 until you get to your desired length of shirring. Its that simple! You will have to keep replacing the elastic thread throughout this process which is normal. 

8. Once you've completed your shirring, determine if you want some fabric left at the end that flares out, like mine. Now simply cut off any excess fabric, making sure you leave a 1-2cm seam allowance. 

9. Finish the bottom edge using the same method in step 2. 

10. Now flip your fabric inside out and pin the two 'length' edges together. If you feel the top is going to be a little big on you - simply wrap it around yourself and pin the 'length' edges together while on you. This will ensure that the top is fitted to your bust and also your waist. 

11. Sew along your pinned edge using a straight stitch with normal thread in the bobbin (NOT ELASTIC THREAD!!). Now cut off any excess fabric and sew along this raw edge using a zig zag stitch to make sure the elastic thread stays in place. VOILA - you're done!

I made two different tops; one plain coloured and the other gingham. I also made the shirring on the gingham top smaller than the pink which you can see the difference in below! At the end, I decided to add some tie straps to my gingham top which I roughly attached - you can do this too and wear it either on your shoulders, or as an off-the-shoulder style top! 

If you have any questions, just comment below :) 

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