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DIY Rustic Rope Rug

DIY Rustic Rope Rug

This DIY project is very easy - anyone can do it! Although it does take quite a bit of time, the outcome is definitely worth it! You can create any design you like, whether it be a simple circle, or a more detailed design like I have done. 

  • 100 + MTR of sisal rope (approx 6mm width) 

  • 4 x 320g liquid nails 

  • Tarpaulin sheet

  • Scissors & Stanley knife 

  • Gloves


  1. In an open area (that is well ventilated), lay your tarpaulin sheet on a flat surface. Using gloves (liquid nails is very hard to get off your skin), make a small X cross in the centre of your sheet with the liquid nails glue. Start to coil the end of your rope where you placed the glue (as shown on the right).

  2. Now that you've begun your coil, the rest is very easy. Just keep glueing little dots or lines around the coil, following with your rope. Liquid glue is pretty strong glue so your rope should catch on straight away; but if it keeps slipping away, just place some pressure on it for a minute or so and you should be good to move on. 

  3. If you are making a circle rope rug, just keep coiling the rope around until its all finished. If you're doing the design I made, stop coiling your rope when you've used about 2/3s of your rope up. The main circle part of my rope rug measures at 31 Inches. Then, taking small strips of rope, I made small coils and placed them around the entire rug. My small circles measure at 3 Inches each and I was able to fit 36 of them around. Place down small x shapes of glue around your rug and follow with the small circle coils. I found it easier to coil the rope in my hands, and then place them on the glue, with the end part of the coil touching the rope rug. 

  4. Once you've completed the small circles, you can use the remainder of your rope to coil around, using the same method as the inner part of your rug. BUT if you want to make the small circle pyramids (on the outside) like I have done, be sure to leave enough rope for that. My coils were the same size as the previous mini circles, and I made 3 pyramids which makes 18 small coils. To do this, use the same method as you did earlier for the mini coils. Place 3 coils touching the rug, then 2 on top, then one, to complete the pyramid. Make sure you measure the distance between the pyramids so they're equal. 

  5. Now that you've completed your rope rug (!!!) it's time to cut it all out. If you just did a circle rope rug, your job is easy as all you need to do is cut around it with some scissors. If you chose a more detailed design with gaps in between, you'll need to use both the scissors and stanley knife. Cut out the outer edge using scissors. Cut out all the gaps using your stanley knife with a board underneath (this bit may take some time, but it is worth it!) 

  6. Once you're finished cutting it all out, you're DONE!! Voila!! 

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