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Packing Light: Beachside Essentials

Packing Light: Beachside Essentials

Planning a trip down the coast? I've got you covered with a few tips and tricks on how to perfect packing lightly!  

Luckily, beach generally means minimal clothing, or at least lightweight clothing. This definitely works in your favour when it comes to packing as you only need a few key pieces. 

Here are 5 of my tips and tricks for packing lightly for a beach getaway. 

1/ Firstly, make a packing list. That way, you won't forget anything. You can use your list as a way to cut back on un necessary items. Take a look at your list and cross out anything you've doubled up on. You could also try and make a 15 item list; which is a list of your 15 essential items - that way you're not overpacking. 

2/ Choose a colour scheme. By choosing a colour scheme, you are making sure that every item you pack goes together. You could choose your favourite pair of shoes, favourite skirt etc, and then pack colours accordingly to that item. Or, you choose one main colour, and then pack a few vibrant items that match your main colour! For example, I went with blue as my main colour and packed all blue clothing. That way I could pack different shades of blue, that all worked well together.  This enabled me to play with colours through my accessories - like adding in pink sneakers or tan slides! 

3/ Choose multi functional shoes. Packing shoes can be hard, as you always want to make sure you're prepared for any activity. That's why it's important to pack multi functional shoes - especially for packing lightly! Depending on what you're planning on doing when away, aim for 2 or 3 pairs of shoes! An open pair of shoes and a closed pair of shoes is really all you should need. Here i've packed some slides, and some sneakers. Slides are a great option as they are an easy shoe for the beach, but can also be dressed up to go out in. The sneakers i've chosen are also versatile as they are comfortable, and stylish which means they can be worn out with any outfit, whether it be for shopping or walking!

4/ Pack items that can be layered. By packing items that can be layered together, you are able to make multiple outfits with less items packed! I've gone with a blue and white striped shirt, a navy silk singlet, and denim overalls. That way, I've created 2 or more outfits with just 3 items! You can chose whichever items you like; my point is - pack smart!

5/ Pick 2 accessories. This may be hard for some, but packing only a couple of accessories is really all you need! Pick the accessories you wear the most, or ones you know will be best suited to where you're going. My picks: a simple, elegant watch, and a pair of sunglasses. Both are stylish but also very practical! Be sure to pack accessories that work with your colour scheme and match every item you've packed. 

Below is a few of my packing essentials! (Click the images to view)

 Items in this photo: Grana Silk Singlet (seriously the best), H&M shirt, Bali Body tanning oil, Ete swim bikini top, DIY bikini top - make yours    here , Vintage Polaroid, Vintage Instamatix Kodak, Linen bag - made myself

Items in this photo: Grana Silk Singlet (seriously the best), H&M shirt, Bali Body tanning oil, Ete swim bikini top, DIY bikini top - make yours here, Vintage Polaroid, Vintage Instamatix Kodak, Linen bag - made myself

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