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DIY Triangle Bikini top

What you'll need:
- 2m x 0.5m lycra fabric (any colour of your choice)
- 2mx5mm braided elastic
- Thread to match your fabric colour
- High quality sewing machine (that can sew through layers of lycra) 
- Pins
- Safety pin

/ Firstly, print out the above pattern onto an A4 sheet of paper and cut it out to your size. NOTE: This pattern runs small as that is the style of the triangle bikini top so if you want more coverage, go a size up. Also, if you are larger than the size L, just add an extra 1.5cm to the entire perimeter of the pattern. 

2/ Once your pattern is cut out, lay your fabric out on a flat, hard and even surface. Fold your fabric in half and then place one triangle pattern on one of the edges. Cut around the paper pattern to get 2 triangle pieces. Repeat this step to then have 4 triangle pieces; your outer layer and your lining. 

3/ Next step is to cut out your straps. With your fabric still folded, measure out 60cm (length) by 3cm (width) and cut it out. These will be your two shoulder straps. 60cm is an excess amount but will allow you to alter the straps to fit to your proportions. 

4/ Measure around your under-bust and then add on 40-50cm (depending on how long you want your back tie to be). Measure and mark the above measurement onto 1 layer of fabric along with a 3cm width and cut this out. 

5/ You will need your elastic to be 3/4 of the length of your fabric straps, as well as the sides of your triangle cups. So for example, say your under-bust strap is 115cm, you will cut your elastic to approx. 85 cm. Cut elastic for both shoulder straps, your under-bust strap and the left and right side of each triangle cup (you should have 7 strips of elastic all up). 

6/ Now that you have all your individual pieces cut out, you will need to set up your sewing machine with the matching coloured thread, as your main thread and also your bobbin thread. Set your machine to a medium/wide zig zag stitch, number 3 width and 3 length. 

7/ Place your triangle cups on a flat surface with the right and wrong side together. Taking your shortest elastic pieces, place then on the left and right side on the top of the triangle sets. To pin them properly, you will need to stretch your elastic from the bottom corners reaching up to the top point, leaving 1 cm of space at the tip of the triangle and the bottom. Below is a photo of how it should look when pinned.

8/ Using zig zag stitch, sew along the elastic on each side of the triangles, keeping it stretched as you go along. Reinforce every line of stitching with a reverse stitch as the start and end of every line. Once you have attached all 4 pieces of elastic, set your machine to a straight stitch. Sew just outside each strip of elastic to ensure it is enclosed and doesn't show (along the inner edge). **Make sure that your straight stitch does not touch the elastic. 

9/ Take your straps and and lay them flat. Then match each strap with the correct elastic strip. Fold the straps in half, and pin the elastic on the raw edge, from one end of the strip to the other end, stretching it as you go. 

10/ Using zig zag stitch, sew along the entire elastic strip on each strap. Then again, enclose the elastic by using a straight stitch just the outside of the elastic (inner edge). 

11/ Once you have properly attached the elastic to all your straps, take a safety pin and attach it to one end of your strap. Insert the safety pin into the opening of the strap and feed it through to the other side in order to turn your straps right side out. 

12/ Insert the shoulder straps into the top opening of each triangle cup. Leave about 1cm of the strap showing at the top of the cup, with the rest encased in the layers of fabric. To make it less bulky when sewing, you may pull the straps out of the bottom opening (as shown in the rough sketch below).

13/ Using the zig zag stitch, sew the top opening closed along the raw edge. Enclose this zig zag stitch with a straight stitch, making sure you sew from one side to the other, over the elastic that is encased. 

14/ Turn your triangle cup right-side out and fold the bottom edge (open edge) over to the wrong side, making sure to leave enough room for your bust elastic. Sew this fold using a straight stitch, from one end to the other. Make sure you sew this in a straight line as you will be able to see this stitching on the right side. 

15/ Thread your bust strap through the bottom opening of each triangle cup. 

16/ Tie your bikini top onto you and determine how long you need your shoulder straps to be by pulling them towards your back to  touch the under bust strap. Mark this point on both shoulder straps. Be sure that the length is correct as once you cut the straps there is no way to make them longer. Measure 1cm above this mark you just made and cut at this point. 

17/ Fold the raw edge of each strap over the the wrong side and pin in place. The fold should be big enough to fit your under-bust strap through - no bigger. Using a straight stitch, sew your strap folds closed. 

18/ Thread the ends of your under-bust strap through each fold of your shoulder straps and tie the ends into a small knot so they do not slip back though the shoulder strap folds. 

There you have it - a triangle bikini top! 

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