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  • Shirt dress
  • Thread (colour matched to dress)
  • Elastic
  • Scissors 
  • Sewing machine

1/ First thing is making sure your dress is at the right length. You need to make sure that your dress is a few inches longer than you would usually want it. Then you need to cut off the top of the dress. Cut straight under the underarm, making sure it is straight and even along the front and back. Fold the raw edge 1cm inwards (to the wrong sie) and pin.

2/ With your sewing machine on the zig zag setting, sew right on the raw edge, making sure the needle is hitting half on and half off. Be careful here not to move any pins. This will stop the edge from fraying overtime. Then put your sewing machine on straight stitch and sew along the bottom edge of the fold.

3/ Cut a piece of fabric 1cm wider than your elastic. You can use this as the casing for your elastic. Put on the dress back to front and pull the centre back together until the dress is tight enough to hold itself up. Pin either side of this section to indicate where you need to put elastic.

4/ Grab the strip you cut earlier and match each edge with the pins you placed on the back of the dress on the inside. Pin this strip down to secure it, making sure it is straight with the top hem. With your sewing machine on straight stitch setting, sew along the top and bottom of this strip, leaving both ends open.

5/ Put the dress on again and gather the centre back once again. Make sure you only gather the section with the strip that you just sewed down. Whilst it is gathered, get your elastic and cut it to the same length as the gathered section. Take the dress off and attach a safety pin to your elastic, then thread it through the casing. Sew the elastic down, closing the off casing. Voila!